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May 2006

Project collaboration, management, and task software: Basecamp

by slogoo & 14 others
Basecamp是一个项目协作管理平台. 可以直接在服务器上存储文件, 无需FTP上传. 上传文件可以大至20M. 无需客户端, 纯网络, 无需安装任何软件. 凡是从Basecamp合作网站介绍来的付费用户, 可以在Basecam

BIF Info Page

by ycc2106
This list is used by Social Bookmarking services developers in order to work on a common Bookmarks Interchange Format. The objective is to create an open, shared format to import/export the data managed by several SB services. This list is used by Soc

April 2006

Social Bookmarks Import/Export Project

by ycc2106
...In short, this email is to invite you to participate in the creation of a Bookmarks Interchange Format;

March 2006

quoteunquote | anil bawa : Clippr.

by ycc2106
Clippr bears some similarity to the social bookmarking tool, in that it allows users to tag and archive content from the web. However, where revolves around the concept of the 'bookmark', Clippr's main building block is a 'clipping'. A clipping is either a textual excerpt taken from a webpage or an article from an RSS feed. Both these types of clippings are treated in the same way by Clippr. (not online yet)

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