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Van11y - collection de scripts javascript accessibles, codés en ES2015

by dzc
Van11y (pour « Vanilla-Accessibility ») est une collection de scripts accessibles d’éléments d’interfaces riches, construits en amélioration progressive et personnalisables.


Why we use progressive enhancement to build GOV.UK | Technology at GDS

by Spone (via)
There seems to be a common belief among front-end developers that progressive enhancement is either old fashioned or has simply been replaced by single page applications. This is a problem of perception. We’d like to explain why we use progressive enhancement to build GOV.UK.


Supersonic Feet - the blog of Adam Perfect

by Spone
With all our new work we're trying to make everything degrade much more gracefully if you don't have Javascript enabled. Normally using the Google Maps API if a user doesn't have Javascript enabled, they just won't see a map. Working with Natalie from Clearleft I think we came up with a pretty good solution that uses progressive enhancement to ensure everyone gets a map, even without JS.


A List Apart: Articles: Progressive Enhancement with CSS

by marco & 2 others
Hum, même s'il y a des tips sympa je reste sceptique à la lecture de cet article. Multiplier les fichiers CSS c'est multiplier les requêtes HTTP et pas forcément avoir un code CSS mieux organisé.

Understanding Progressive Enhancement

by marco & 1 other
Graceful Degradation vs Progressive Enhancement. La nuance est subtile, peut-être trop ?

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