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08 November 2007

nanoHUB does remote computing right

by BlueVoodoo
nanoHUB is a virtual computing center created to support nanotechnology research. It uses open source components to achieve far more powerful results than previous remote access facilities. This article details specific configurations and enhancements necessary to make the most of the performance, security, and usability such common software as VNC and WebDAV provides.

06 November 2007

Tuning Disk Performance, Part 3

by BlueVoodoo
Part 3 of this series covers how to improve overall file system performance, how to tune your systems with the ioo command, and how to use the filemon and fileplace utilities.

05 November 2007

The power of Network Installation Manager

by BlueVoodoo
If you have an environment with many AIX systems, then you know that installing, upgrading, and maintaining the software can take a considerable amount of time. The AIX Network Installation Manager can help you with installation and software maintenance in a client and server environment.

02 November 2007

Key-enabling kernel extensions for AIX version 6.1

by BlueVoodoo
Diagnose and service memory overlays and address errors more efficiently with POWER6 processors and AIX Version 6.1. In the AIX operating system, software components share the kernel address, creating a serviceability issue for the AIX kernel and kernel extensions.

31 October 2007

Monitor user usage with UNIX toolkit

by BlueVoodoo
Explore new ways to record UNIX logins and other system activities in a number of different logs, and take advantage of this information to monitor user usage. This can be helpful from a number of perspectives, either to use for chargeback reporting or just to get an idea of how busy and active individual users are on the system to help when planning and allocating resources.

26 October 2007

Options for portalizing Domino applications

by BlueVoodoo
A developer can use a tool such as WebSphere Portal Application Integrator and the Portlet Builder for Domino to simply pull information, build a more tightly integrated view using products, create a portlet that retrieves Domino data via a Web Service, or create the portlet from scratch using the Domino Portlet API. This tutorial provides an overview of each of these techniques and their pros and cons. Download the newest Domino clients.

25 October 2007

Speed up processing at both the client and server

by BlueVoodoo
This article provides more techniques for UNIX-based programmers who want to enhance their network throughput. Learn how to speed up processing at both the client and server using mmap, gathering scattered I/O, and other methods.

22 October 2007

Build a Web Application without writing any code, pt. 2

by BlueVoodoo
Learn how to use Rational Application Developer to build a Web application using data from a DB2 database, and publish your page to a WebSphere Application Server, all without writing any code. This tutorial takes you the next step: scaling your application to run in a business environment. Check out part 1 of the series as well.

17 October 2007

Design SOA using Patterns-based engineering

by BlueVoodoo
Learn how you can extend IBM Rational Software Architect and leverage your own custom patterns to automate software design. By using a combination of the features, you can improve your productivity when designing SOA and other solutions.

16 October 2007

How a timer wheel algorithm can reduce overhead

by BlueVoodoo
Reduce the overhead of per-tick processing with a timer wheel algorithm that implements the retransmission timer. In this article, learn how to get lower granularity with your retransmission timer by using the AIX TCP fast timer, and discover other advantages of lower timer granularity.

13 October 2007

IBM DB2 Performance Optimization eKit

by BlueVoodoo
Experience the combined power of DB2 Query Patroller and DB2 Performance Expert. To further improve data server performance, these complementary tools have been bundled together to form the Performance Optimization feature of DB2 9. The contents of this eKit will teach you how the DB2 9 Performance Optimization feature for DB2 Linux, UNIX and Windows can help improve your performance, throughput, and response times.

12 October 2007

IBM Software Quality for Packaged App eKit

by BlueVoodoo
Better testing starts with having the latest and smartest tools in the palm of your hand. With demos, Webcasts, articles and more, the eKit shows how to simplify and streamline test creation through automation, as well as hot to help maximize system performance, scalability and functionality.

10 October 2007

IBM SOA Sandbox

by BlueVoodoo
People, process, information, reuse, and connectivity – five simple ways to get started with SOA. This SOA Sandbox makes it easy to learn about these entry points by providing a low-risk "tinker, test, and try" learning environment that's designed for enterprise architects, integration developers, and Web developers, but available to everyone.

09 October 2007

Build a Web application without writing any code

by BlueVoodoo
Learn how to build a robust Web application using Rational Application Developer, DB2, and WebSphere Application Server in this two-part series.

05 October 2007

Introducing the Dump Analyzer for Java

by BlueVoodoo
The IBM Dump Analyzer for Java is a tool that performs basic analysis against a formatted system dump and produces a concise report indicating what it thinks your next course of action should be. Cut through endless dump files to get to the heart of the problem.

04 October 2007

Speaking UNIX: Ten more command-line concoctions

by rike_ & 1 other
In this thirteenth installment of “Speaking UNIX” discover more shortcuts and power at the UNIX command line. From benefits of Shell or making better usage of your time, this article will teach you the secrets of the UNIX command-line wizards.

Speaking UNIX: Ten more command-line concoctions

by BlueVoodoo & 1 other
In this thirteenth installment of “Speaking UNIX” discover more shortcuts and power at the UNIX command line. From benefits of Shell or making better usage of your time, this article will teach you the secrets of the UNIX command-line wizards.

03 October 2007

Experience the IBM Lotus Expeditor v6.1.1 toolkit

by BlueVoodoo
Download a free trial version of IBM Lotus Expeditor 6.1.1 toolkit to see how easily you can leverage your OSGi foundation and Eclipse platform skills to develop and extend composite applications to managed clients -- used online or offline.

02 October 2007

Build grid-ready apps with ObjectGrid

by BlueVoodoo
ObjectGrid is a part of the WebSphere Extended Development Data Grid offering, but you can you install it as a standalone package as well. Learn the basics of installing and using this in-memory database for your Java applications.

28 September 2007

Squeeze maximum usage out of your network resources

by BlueVoodoo
If you have UNIX-based programming experience, then you've probably worried at some point about enhancing your network throughput. In this article, learn some useful techniques to squeeze the most out of your bandwidth, and get a big performance boost with some of the methods described here.

27 September 2007

Test Java Message Service on IBM Websphere App.

by BlueVoodoo
Learn how to set up the environment required for IBM Rational Tester for SOA Quality to use the WebSphere V6 Java Message Service (JMS) transport and how to test Web services by using this JMS implementation.

26 September 2007

Business Creation with Websphere Integration Developer.

by BlueVoodoo
This tutorial introduces you to WebSphere Integration Developer. It includes three hands-on exercises in which you'll assemble existing services to create a BPEL business process.

25 September 2007

Create COBOL programs and Web services without writing code

by BlueVoodoo
Explore a new feature in Version 7 of WebSphere Developer for System z: z/OS Database Application Generator. z/OS Database Application Generator automatically generates CICS COBOL programs that can access DB2.

24 September 2007

AIX discover recovery: resolving resource conflicts

by BlueVoodoo
Recovering AIX IT resources after a disaster requires the personnel performing the recovery to concentrate on working the prepared plan. This article identifies resource conflicts that typically occur during a disaster recovery implementation and provides suggestions for resolving these conflicts.

21 September 2007

Isn’t it time you learned how to JBehave?

by BlueVoodoo
Test-driven development is a great idea in practice, but some developers just can't get over the conceptual leap associated with that word test. Get started with behavior-driven development (BDD) (via JBehave) and see for yourself what happens when you focus on program behaviors, rather than outcomes.

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