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September 2005

by Riduidel
Artificial life is the science of creating lifelike behaviour in man-made systems that consist of populations of autonomous entities whose local interactions can be specified by simple rules. Emergent behaviours may become apparent in such populations as

August 2005

July 2005

SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator

by sunny & 3 others
Site qui vous génère un papier de sciences de l'informatique en un clic, et ça marche !

June 2005 - True Random Number Service

by sunny & 9 others
Un site qui ne prends pas les chiffres random à la légère et qui fait du _vrai_ hazard.

May 2005

April 2005

March 2005


by rjjjsp & 1 other
Bibster is a Java-based system which assists researchers in managing, searching, and sharing bibliographic metadata (e.g. from BibTeX files) in a peer-to-peer network.

February 2005

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