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Welcome to fabtools’s documentation! — fabtools 0.12.0 documentation

by jpcaruana
fabtools includes useful functions to help you write your Fabric files. fabtools makes it easier to manage system users, packages, databases, etc. fabtools includes a number of low-level actions, as well as a higher level interface called fabtools.require. Using fabtools.require allows you to use a more declarative style, similar to Chef or Puppet.


FunkLoad documentation contents — FunkLoad 1.16.1 documentation

by jpcaruana & 5 others
FunkLoad is a functional and load web tester, written in Python, whose main use cases are: Functional testing of web projects, and thus regression testing as well. Performance testing: by loading the web application and monitoring your servers it helps you to pinpoint bottlenecks, giving a detailed report of performance measurement. Load testing tool to expose bugs that do not surface in cursory testing, like volume testing or longevity testing. Stress testing tool to overwhelm the web application resources and test the application recoverability. Writing web agents by scripting any web repetitive task.

NodeBox | Home

by Emaux
NodeBox is a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a PDF or a QuickTime movie. NodeBox is free and well-documented.

pyo - Python digital signal processing module. - Google Project Hosting

by Emaux
pyo is a Python module written in C to help digital signal processing script creation. pyo is a Python module containing classes for a wide variety of audio signal processing types. With pyo, user will be able to include signal processing chains directly in Python scripts or projects, and to manipulate them in real time through the interpreter. Tools in pyo module offer primitives, like mathematical operations on audio signal, basic signal processing (filters, delays, synthesis generators, etc.), but also complex algorithms to create sound granulation and others creative audio manipulations. pyo supports OSC protocol (Open Sound Control), to ease communications between softwares, and MIDI protocol, for generating sound events and controlling process parameters. pyo allows creation of sophisticated signal processing chains with all the benefits of a mature, and wildly used, general programming language. Systems : OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7), linux, Windows (XP, Vista, Seven)

Pykka — Pykka 0.14 documentation

by jpcaruana
The goal of Pykka is to provide easy to use concurrency abstractions for Python by using the actor model.

OverviewBanners2 (Field)

by Emaux
Field is a development environment for experimental code and digital art in the broadest of possible senses. While there are a great many development environments and digital art tools out there today, this one has been constructed with two key principles in mind: Embrace and extend — rather than make a personal, private and pristine code utopia, Field tries to bridge to as many libraries, programming languages, and ways of doing things as possible. The world doesn't necessarily need another programming language or serial port library, nor do we have to pick and choose between data-flow systems, graphical user interfaces or purely textual programming — we can have it all in the right environment and we can both leverage the work of others and take control of our own tools and methods. Live code makes anything possible — Field tries to replace as many "features" with editable code as it can. Its programming language of choice is Python — a world class, highly respected and incredibly flexible language. As such, Field is intensely customizable, with the glue between interface objects and data modifiable inside Field itself. Field takes seriously the idea that its user — you — are a programmer / artist doing serious work and that you should be able to reconfigure your tools to suit your domain and style as closely as possible.

SleekXMPP - GitHub

by jpcaruana (via)
SleekXMPP is a flexible XMPP client/component/server library for Python 2.6+ and 3+ focused on flexibility, ease of use, and every XMPP extension (XEP) as a plugin.


by jpcaruana & 4 others (via)
Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python and licensed under the open source MIT license.


flask-mail — Flask-Mail v0.2 documentation

by jpcaruana (via)
The Flask-Mail extension provides a simple interface to set up SMTP with your Flask application and to send messages from your views and scripts.

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