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April 2009

March 2009

Time & Money Code Library

by jpcaruana
More abstraction and generalization is not always better. In the Java library, the separation of the Calendar class seems like a nice abstraction, but it was not implemented well. The result is that the great majority of applications that use conventional calendars have to deal with cumbersome constants because Calendar attempts to make no assumptions about the breakdown of time into years, months, days, and so forth, resulting in verbose, unreadable code.

January 2009

Gojko Adzic » Announcing Trinidad: In-process test runner for FitNesse wiki pages

by jpcaruana (via)
Trinidad is an in-process test runner for FitNesse tests. Here are some nice things you can do with it: * run fitnesse fit and slim tests without starting the server as part of your build * run fitnesse tests from JUnit within your IDE * debug and troubleshoot fitnesse fixtures as if you were working with unit tests * easily include fitnesse acceptance tests into your build (through JUnit) * easily run tests in transactions and roll back after each test (with Spring)

jMusic - Computer music composition in Java.

by Emaux & 1 other
jMusic is a project designed to provide composers and software developers with a library of compositional and audio processing tools. It provides a solid framework for computer-assisted composition in Java™, and is also used for generative music, instrument building, interactive performance, and music analysis. jMusic supports musicians with its familiar music data structure based upon note/sound events, and provides methods for organising, manipulating and analysing that musical data. jMusic scores can be rendered as MIDI or audio files for storage and later processing or playback in real-time.

October 2008

GraphFunc Online

by nilebma (via)
tracer de graphe f(x) en ligne, très bien

September 2008

August 2008

July 2008

Joda Time - Java date and time API - Home

by jpcaruana & 8 others
Joda-Time provides a quality replacement for the Java date and time classes. The design allows for multiple calendar systems, while still providing a simple API. The 'default' calendar is the ISO8601 standard which is used by XML. The Gregorian, Julian, Buddhist, Coptic, Ethiopic and Islamic systems are also included, and we welcome further additions. Supporting classes include time zone, duration, format and parsing.

google-guice - Google Code

by jpcaruana & 1 other
Guice alleviates the need for factories and the use of new in your Java code. Think of Guice's @Inject as the new new. You will still need to write factories in some cases, but your code will not depend directly on them. Your code will be easier to change, unit test and reuse in other contexts.

Le développement avec Java : le tutorial développons en Java et développons en Java avec Eclipse

by Emaux & 1 other
L'idée de départ de ce document était de prendre des notes relatives à mes premiers essais en Java. Ces notes ont tellement grossies que j'ai décidé de les formaliser un peu plus et de les diffuser sur internet d'abord sous la forme d'articles puis rassemblées pour former le présent didacticiel.

June 2008

May 2008

gnizr - Google Code

by jpcaruana & 2 others (via)
gnizr™ (gə-nīzər) is an open source application for social bookmarking and web mashup. It is easy to use gnizr to create a personalized portal for a group of friends and colleagues to store, classify and share information, and to mash-it-up with information about location. It's free.

April 2008

Platypus Page Layout and Typesetting Software

by jpcaruana (via)
Platypus is a full-featured and easy-to-use page layout and typesetting system. Inspired by technologies such as TeX, Platypus adds new features and, especially, ease of use to the generation of documents of all kinds. It is particularly adept at listing code, and so is frequently used for documentation. Input consists of text files with embedded formatting commands. These files are converted by Platypus to PDF, HTML, or Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF). Platypus is written in Java and relies on the iText library. It is available at no charge under the Apache open-source license. For more information, see the links to the left.

February 2008

SpringSource Team Blog » Spring Overtakes EJB as a Skills Requirement

by jpcaruana
EJB requirements are stagnant or in decline, while Spring requirements are growing at an ever increasing rate.

January 2008

FEST-Swing - Welcome

by jpcaruana (via)
FEST-Swing is a Java library that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy.

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