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31 August 2005 19:00

broadening & GenEd

by ryanne
[saturday, 05 february 2005] The only two things I'm looking forward to after the Chinese New Year holidays will be: 1) my broadening course, and 2) my Gen Ed course. Not that I don't know I'm supposed to cultivate a deeper interest into my law courses an

31 August 2005 03:00

course selection + hklj meeting + drinks + webradio

by ryanne
[monday, 08 august 2005] finally done! thanks to the help of bonnie (the 揀科 expert), maureen (for telling me about the stupid draft timetable which is helpful but inaccurate), eddy (for the info of UG3a), natalie (for waking me up..haha) and donna (fo

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