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2008 Wiki on a Stick

by jdrsantos
Personal wiki that lives in one self-modifying XHTML containing software, interface and data. Very useful for creating small websites and mantaining notes or todo-lists; completely javascript-programmable, supports images and files embedding.


TaskFreak! web based task manager / todo list written in PHP

by jdrsantos & 15 others
TaskFreak! is a simple but efficient web based task manager written in PHP.

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows

by jdrsantos & 9 others
Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Main Page - FreeMind - free mind mapping software

by jdrsantos & 52 others, 1 comment
FreeMind is a premier free mind-mapping ( software written in Java. The recent development has hopefully turned it into high productivity tool. We are proud that the operation and navigation of FreeMind is faster than

Task Coach

by jdrsantos & 1 other
Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of my frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite tasks. Often,


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