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February 2006

CityDesk: CMS for windows from the renowned Fog Creek people

by mikepower & 2 others
“...CityDesk [is] a fantastic low-cost desktop content management tool that revolutionizes the ease with which any journalist, researcher or writer can update and post to his web site without the need to go through a webmaster.”

January 2006 | Research | Bored meetings

by mikepower
Do you believe, as someone somewhere perhaps does, that meetings, meetings, meetings, followed by more meetings are altogether a good thing? If so, Alexandra Luong and Steven G Rogelberg think you should think again. In a newly published study, they say:

Sweet Vienna!

by mikepower
Vienna is a superb, clean, good-looking, freeware, open source RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later. It uses a simple three pane UI and includes features such as smart folders, custom article display styles and subscription groups.

Neave Blog ...pointless, just pointless

by mikepower & 1 other
There's a huge stress on people who publish to the web: the bloggers, the creatives, the nerds trying to prove themselves (me included). Pressure to make new stuff now and have their new stuff accepted by a load of people they've never met before and wil

December 2005

Want a bargain? Get used to buying second-hand

by mikepower
The idea of buying used goods, especially when advanced around the holidays, can sound rather pathetic, as if one is living a real-life version of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Who would want something used?

August 2005

Rands In Repose: Agenda Detection

by mikepower & 1 other
There is a basic skill you need whenever you walk into a meeting which has suck potential. This skill is important in the case that you are a participant or the person running the meeting. The skill is called Agenda Detection.

February 2005

Tools You Might Have Missed

by mikepower & 11 others
mostlt google api stuff, very interesting

The Wisdom of Warren Buffett

by mikepower
"Top 5" things (prioritized) I learned from Warren Buffett

January 2005

December 2004

The 6 Myths Of Creativity

by mikepower & 3 others
These days, there's hardly a mission statement that doesn't herald it, or a CEO who doesn't laud it. And yet despite all of the attention that business creativity has won over the past few years, maddeningly little is known about day-to-day innovation in

November 2004


by mikepower & 6 others
A world of exhaustive, reliable metadata would be a utopia. It's also a pipe-dream, founded on self-delusion, nerd hubris and hysterically inflated market opportunities.

October 2004

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