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WATERFOX - ABOUT:CONFIG - To disable Stylo in Waterfox 56.1.0- Do not forget to enable Stylo(Quantum CSS).... : waterfox

by decembre (via)
If you have prolem, you can test that: To disable Stylo in Waterfox 56.1.0: >about:config >SEARCH : layout.css.servo. > CHANGE layout.css.servo.enabled TO false – then either (a) reload any page that may be bugged by Stylo in 56.1.0; or (b) restart Waterfox.


Security research tool had security problem

by alamat (via)
Security researchers and the networks they rely on were at risk of breach by the hackers they investigate, thanks to now mitigated man-in-the-middle holes in a popular plugin for analysing debugger OllyDbg.


What is the XY problem?

by manu
The XY problem is asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem. That is, you are trying to solve problem X, and you think solution Y would work, but instead of asking about X when you run into trouble, you ask about Y.

FIREFOX - 3 Step Problem Fix/Solution for Continuous Mozilla Firefox Freezing | Blogiac - A Journal of Personal Views on Things

by decembre (via)
Continuously, after a fixed time interval, the browser freezes/becomes unresponsive momentarily, and then becomes responsive again. === TRY : Type "about:config" === Find or locate the preference "dom.min_background_timeout_value" === open up the dialogue box "Enter Integer Value" === change the previous value (which will be y default less than 1000) to a very large value, lets say 1000000




Birthday problem / Birthday paradox

by wabaus
A great description of the concept/math behind the Birthday problem. Basically, if you have 23 people in a room, odds are better than 50-50 that 2 folks will share the same birthday. [With a group of 7, odds are better than 50-50 that two folks have a birthday within a week of each other.] Also the basis for the "Birthday attack" hacking vector. Given a hashing (1-way encryption) algorithm of fixed length output, multiple inputs can result in the same hash. It is very difficult to guess an alternate input that will hash into a match of a single given result. But given a large known set of results (e.g., a user account database table) it become more likely that an alternate input might result in a match of at least one existing hash. Thinking on such things keeps the mind sharp :)

MacBook - Appledefects

by mauriz & 1 other
Comprendre et résoudre les problèmes liés au MacBook.


Fixing the "Microsoft Bus Driver" error message when installing a RealTek sound card

by kaihsyn
幫小亨利的ASUS A6Va筆電重灌的時候抓不到音效卡, 也無法裝驅動, 先使用這裡的KB835221.exe之後就可以了! 使用Kaspersky的話先暫時關掉即時防護, 避免他一直掃描掃不停 - Find all support information

by yariv666
Fixya is the largest brand based Troubleshooting and Support source on the web. Fixya allows you to find any consumer product support information in a single and easy to use location.

2005 - C++ Guru Of the Week

by nachilau
Guru of the Week is a regular series of C++ programming problems. It is good to read it every week.

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