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🔑 ANDROID - NO PUBS - BLOKADA - Tutoriel illustrĂ© - bloquer les publicitĂ© des applications avec Blokada - Émancipation informatique pour tous LIBÈRE TON ORDI !

by decembre (via)
5 décembre 2019Les applications non libres que vous installez sur vos appareils mobiles contiennent souvent des traqueurs et affichent souvent des publicités. Blokada est une application capable de filtrer le trafic internet des autres applications afin de leur bloquer l'accÚs à la plupart des traqueurs et publicités.


by decembre
📛 Adblock / Privacy / VPN đŸ“ș Movies / TV / Anime / Sports đŸŽ” Music / Podcasts / Radio 🎼 Gaming / Emulation 📗 Books / Comics / Manga đŸ“± Android đŸ’Ÿ Downloading 🌀 Torrenting 🔧 Tools / Misc. 💬 Discord 📂 Server Backup


Fathom Analytics - Simple, Privacy-focused Web Analytics

by srcmax
Fathom Analytics provides simple, useful websites stats without tracking or storing personal data of your users.


Google Analytics - Data Processing Amendment

by dzc
"The Google Ads Data Processing Terms will supersede and replace the existing Analytics Data Processing Amendment"

Google Analytics - Avenant relatif au traitement des données

by dzc
"Les conditions relatives au traitement des données Google Ads remplaceront l'Avenant existant relatif au traitement des données Analytics"


Another Tor Browser Feature Makes It Into Firefox: First-Party Isolation

by dzc
The feature is not enabled by default, as it's known to cause some login persistence problems. To enable it users have two options.

Firefox > 55 : comment activer "First Party Isolation" (privacy.firstparty.isolate) ?

by dzc
Mozilla a silencieusement déployé la fonctionnalité First Party Isolation (FPI) empruntée à Tor, pour endiguer le profilage des régies publicitaires

Privacy Tools

by wabaus & 2 others
Tools for privacy on devices & across the Internet.


Parrot Security OS 3.3

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Palinuro has announced the release of Parrot Security OS 3.3, a new release of the project’s Debian-based, specialist distribution with a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy and cryptography:


by gregg
Passwords too Gross to Steal

The high-tech cop of the future is here today

by sbrothier
In November 2015, a video was released to the public showing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald— a black kid who went to school in Chicago’s South Side—being shot 16 times in less than 15 seconds by Jason Van Dyke, a white officer with the Chicago Police Department. Protests erupted around the country, and to this day, protests continue in Chicago. Not only was this an example of an officer brazenly ignoring protocol and killing another human being with wanton disregard for the law, it was also evidence of an apparent cover-up: McDonald was killed in October 2014, and it took at least one lawsuit and 13 months for the city to hand over the video—seemingly an inherently public record—to journalists and lawyers working the case.


What's Your Algorithmic Citizenship? | Citizen Ex

by gregg
Every time you connect to the internet, you pass through time, space, and law. Information is sent out from your computer all over the world, and sent back from there. This information is stored and tracked in multiple locations, and used to make decisions about you, and determine your rights. These decisions are made by people, companies, countries and machines, in many countries and legal jurisdictions. Citizen Ex shows you where those places are. Your Algorithmic Citizenship is how you appear to the internet, as a collection of data extending across many nations, with a different citizenship and different rights in every place. One day perhaps we will all live like we do on the internet. Until then, there's Citizen Ex.

DĂ©couvrez ce que le web sait de vous | Orange le collectif

by srcmax & 2 others
MĂȘme avec une activitĂ© minimum comme les mails et les recherches sur Google, le web en sait sur vous plus que vous n’imaginez. Si vous ĂȘtes curieux et dĂ©sirez voir les traces que vous laissez sur la toile, suivez notre parcours en 6 Ă©tapes, avec Ă  chaque fois des outils et un petit conseil pour mieux maĂźtriser vos donnĂ©es.

XPrivacy pro

by Krome
The ultimate, yet easy to use, privacy manager


by sbrothier
Free your fitness data from yourself. Earn insurance discounts! A guide to fitness tracker solutions.

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