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A Theda Bara Tribute • Biography • Filmography • Photos • Links to Videos, Books, Posters & Prints

by everyueveryme & 1 other
Welcome to, a small tribute to the most beautiful woman to grace the Silver Screen. Here, you'll find a brief biography of this silent film star who was the first studio-made sex-symbol superstar and the very first "vamp."


Mastering Black and White Digital Photography

by flakki & 2 others
I used to be a traditional darkroom evangelist. Nothing will ever compare to a hand printed fibre based print. But then one day, I figured I should but my beliefs to the test.

Fleet Street Scandal

by everyueveryme
Art prints by Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham

Jerry Garcia Posters and Prints at

by andyowens
jerry Garcia Posters and Prints - Find Jerry Garcia Posters and Prints at or select a print or poster from's Galleries.

Ford Fiesta ad prints

by lemurc
We guarantee that you will not be a mechanic.

Little Hokum Rag

by tooty (via)
Art Blog by West Coast Pop Surrealist Painter, Amy Crehore, featuring upcoming events and photos of California gallery shows, Amy's art progress, tidbits about hokum music, comics, oddities, vintage instruments, Amy's Little Pierrot and Monkey Love Series (as seen on, Blab!, etc.


Digital Photo Printing

by ckerekes
A list of the cheapest online digital photo printing services.

How to Get 100+ Free Photo Prints

by ckerekes
OK, bargain hunters, here is how you can get more than 100 4x6” free photo prints with minimal effort on your part…

business2blog: B2Day : The Battle For Digital Prints

by multilinko (via)
Nearly half of all households now own a digital camera, estimates Merrill Lynch in a new report I just got my hands on, and people are taking four to five times as many pictures as before, but they are printing less. The reasons for this are because 1) it costs nothing to take a digital photo, 2) you can view it immediately on your camera or computer screen, and 3) you can share it digitally as well (for free). Yet, for companies to make money from the digital photo boom, they will have to convince people to print more photos.

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