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July 2007

Printing Your Own Digital Photographs

by cryogenius (via)
If you take many shots through your digital camera, you can turn those virtual images into real photos by either sending the memory card to a digital photo lab and pay to have the pictures developed there or you can purchase a digital camera printer also known as a digital photo printer. The printer of your own is a particularly good idea if you take a lot of digital camera pictures.

Book Printing Boot Camp - Part Ten: Black Is The Color Of Profits

by brioprint2
A common miscalculation deriving from industry naivete is the self publisher’s pursuit for the affordable full-color book. Often times, self publishers find themselves in possession of colorful and vibrant content without the knowing nor wherewithal to bring it to life via commercial book printing. Simply put, unless you are printing a children’s book in the neighborhood of 32 - 64 pages, you may find yourself more than a bit sticker shocked when the estimates begin rolling in.

June 2007

Laser Printers Are Doomed To Extinct?

by Stargaser
Inkjet technology has a bright future, as people are looking for alternatives to laser. The introduction of Memjet and Edgeline is another proof of that. It is just going to take time for page-width inkjets to become integral part of our life.

Xerox Invisible Fluorescent Printing

by Stargaser
This new method is side product of Xerox’s larger studies to put more security into digitally printed documents by making any element on the page - such as lines, text, and images - unique to the recipient.

May 2007

"Gelly" Printers by Ricoh

by Stargaser
Ricoh UK introduced a new range of desktop printers using gel-based color-system. The new Ricoh Aficio GX3000, GX3050N and GX5050N have a high speed of printing, up to 30 pages per minute in monochrome and color. The speed could be compared to the speed of laser printers, but the price is more like that of inkjets.

How Would You Like Your Toast? – Printed!

by Stargaser
Many areas of human life have enjoyed the printing technologies – medicine, electronics and so on. However, as time goes by, printing finds new, absolutely unexpected areas of application

April 2007

Inkjet Printer Creates Body Organs

by Stargaser
Scientists at Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine are using inkjet printers to create organs and tissues, that’s something that could change the very way of studying tissue engineering.

CD & DVD Replication, Manufacturing, Duplication By Media Fast

by johnski
If you publish a lot of CD or DVD content, Media Fast is a source you will want to become familiar with. They offer some of the best pricing and fastest turn times in the industry. Their customer service is stellar, and they can do Mini DVD, HD-DVD, Print, Packaging, and Authoring projects. They meet your deadlines and treat you well every time. Media Fast provides high-end CD & DVD replication and duplication services at competitive prices so that our customers can obtain the resources that they need to enhance the quality of their media projects. We have had over 30 years of experience in the industry and can consistently offer our customers high-quality products. Media Fast offers a full range of HD-DVD, Mini DVD, DVD and DVD-ROM replication and duplication services complete with printing, packaging and assembly. If you are looking for unique DVD packaging, we can assist you in finding the perfect presentation for your DVD. Media Fast also offers Mini DVD's which hold 1.4 GB of data. We provide a full range of specialty CD products to give your project the unique quality that it needs. Our CD and CD-R products are perfect for delivering rich multimedia presentations. They can be used as business cards, direct mail pieces, company product catalogs, portfolio showcases, and much more. Media Fast provides high-quality printing services to improve any media project. Whether you need booklets for CDs or entrapments for DVDs, Media Fast can provide a solution that strengthens the visual appeal of your media presentation. At Media Fast, we offer a full range of packaging from the everyday to the unique. Whether you need jewel cases, mailers, boxes, binders, clamshells, tins, or other specialty packaging solutions, we can help.

Banner printing

by alfatester & 1 other
Printing banners or posters from any picture, digital photo, Word, Excel simply at home.

Web Friendly Printer

by Stargaser
If you ever tried printing a random web page, you probably know that what you get is far from original. There are stripes of white space, images chopped in two, text cut from one side, and so on. That’s annoying. On the other hand, with the development of Internet era people tend to print less, partially because of such web-hostile printer behavior.

March 2007 Clipping Paths for US$0.80

by PowerClip
Power-Clip delivers high-quality Photoshop clipping paths with quick turnaround time at the world's lowest prices for $0.80/picture! We operate 24/7 to help companies optimize their work processes pixel-by-pixel. Visit us at:

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