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RGB vs CMYK Color

by Peters
Great overview of the differences between RGB and CMYK colors for print


CD & DVD Replication, Manufacturing, Duplication By Media Fast

by johnski
If you publish a lot of CD or DVD content, Media Fast is a source you will want to become familiar with. They offer some of the best pricing and fastest turn times in the industry. Their customer service is stellar, and they can do Mini DVD, HD-DVD, Print, Packaging, and Authoring projects. They meet your deadlines and treat you well every time. Media Fast provides high-end CD & DVD replication and duplication services at competitive prices so that our customers can obtain the resources that they need to enhance the quality of their media projects. We have had over 30 years of experience in the industry and can consistently offer our customers high-quality products. Media Fast offers a full range of HD-DVD, Mini DVD, DVD and DVD-ROM replication and duplication services complete with printing, packaging and assembly. If you are looking for unique DVD packaging, we can assist you in finding the perfect presentation for your DVD. Media Fast also offers Mini DVD's which hold 1.4 GB of data. We provide a full range of specialty CD products to give your project the unique quality that it needs. Our CD and CD-R products are perfect for delivering rich multimedia presentations. They can be used as business cards, direct mail pieces, company product catalogs, portfolio showcases, and much more. Media Fast provides high-quality printing services to improve any media project. Whether you need booklets for CDs or entrapments for DVDs, Media Fast can provide a solution that strengthens the visual appeal of your media presentation. At Media Fast, we offer a full range of packaging from the everyday to the unique. Whether you need jewel cases, mailers, boxes, binders, clamshells, tins, or other specialty packaging solutions, we can help.



by jasonbentley
We offer small businesses and consumers a convenient, high-quality solution for graphic design services and full-color printing in small quantities, without the premium price.


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