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October 2007

How Laser Printers First Appeared and Developed

by Stargaser
On October 22, 1938, when American inventor Chester Carlson together with German immigrant Otto Kornei first transferred an image from a glass microscope slide to a sheet of wax paper using method later called electrophotography. Kornei wrote the words “10.-22.-38 ASTORIA.” in ink on a glass microscope slide. Then the experimentalists prepared a zinc plate with a sulphur coating, darkened the room, rubbed the sulphur surface with a handkerchief to apply an electrostatic charge. After that they laid the slide on the zinc plate, exposing it to a bright, incandescent light.

June 2007

Xerox Invisible Fluorescent Printing

by Stargaser
This new method is side product of Xerox’s larger studies to put more security into digitally printed documents by making any element on the page - such as lines, text, and images - unique to the recipient.

September 2006

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