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December 2010

November 2010

2010 Tour de France

by sbrothier & 1 other
Self-initiated information graphics visualizing the 2010 Tour de France

October 2010

A Reality Check For Magazine Sales On the iPad - Matt Kinsman - Blogs emedia and Technology @

by sbrothier
The launch of Wired’s iPad app in June was heralded as a new dawn for magazine publishers: the app generated 100,000 downloads, exceeding print single copy sales (which reached 77,443 in June, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations), without cannibalizing print.

García Media | Homepage

by sbrothier
print Redesigning newspapers and magazines to engage and inform today’s hurried readers. online Creating user experiences that reach new media consumers more effectively. mobile Providing cutting-edge ideas for mobile content delivery to mobile devices.

BIS Publishers

by sbrothier & 2 others
This very attractively finished typographic memory game includes 25 variations of the letter ‘A’, each in a different letter type. Players attempt to find the matching A’s in the same letter type. The player who has the highest number of matching letters wins the game. Typographic information about the letter is included on the card, and a separate folder provides a general history of the typography. This is an enjoyable and instructive game for graphic designers and anyone who is fascinated by letter types.

iPad vs Magazines | Printing Choice

by sbrothier
Every magazine on the iPad also has a website which contains most or all content from each issue. For free. Additionally, the lack of subscription options creates a price disparity for magazine/app buyers. To match the magazine industry’s $4.5 billion annual print revenue, 900 million $4.99 iPad apps would need to be sold. (Or, assuming publishers could make $25 per issue per subscriber in advertising, they’d need to sell 54 magazine apps to every iPad owner, for $4.99 each)

August 2010

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