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May 2007

by srcmax (via)
And why couldn't we laugh at them still?

April 2007

as far as the eye can see

by srcmax (via)
Everyone like me who has been waiting and waiting for a French TV show featuring animated pieces of meat... our time has come! There are several episodes available for viewing; I recommend every single one. Thank God for the FMU blog.

French campaigns get nasty on the net from Guardian Unlimited: News blog

by srcmax
Despite all the fooling around - and even has a political love test while Segostop and Sarkostique claim they can cure you of any lingering admiration for the two main candidates - the parties have never taken the net more seriously.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Meat (video)

by srcmax
I don't speak French so I have no idea what is going on here exactly... but who can deny a soap opera where all the characters are pieces of meat? Any Francophiles willing to tell the rest of us what's going on here?

March 2007

Intute: Social Sciences - Full record details for Presidentielles.Net 2007: divertir c'est gouverner

by srcmax
Presidentielles.Net was created by la société to provide coverage of the French 2007 presidential elections. Its main emphasis is upon examples of political satire and humour. It contains political cartoons on the main candidates plus quizzes and games . All information is in French only.

February 2007

Devlounge | Friday Focus #19

by srcmax
And finally there is Presidentielles. An extremely fun, in your face magazine / newspaper type design gives way to a site packed full of information. Now if only I could read it… Regardless, I love the design, layout, and how much content that pack onto just the homepage itself.

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