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June 2009

La présentation Zen

by gusaweb & 1 other
Faire des présentations avec la zen attitude !

Garr Reynolds

by gusaweb
Vidéo sur comment faire des présentations :)

COOoder | repository for Extensions

by Xavier Lacot
As an aternative to my previous bookmark, COOoder works on all platforms. I however had some problems working with it in OO Impress (font size, etc.). Useful though.

drnic's copy-as-rtf-tmbundle at master - GitHub

by Xavier Lacot (via)
A Textmate bundle for copying highlighted text as RTF. Very useful for presentations! Thanks @fabpot for the link!

May 2009

How to Create a Presentation for Someone Else |

by simon_bricolo
Des conseils pour créer une présentation pour quelqu'un d'autre

April 2009

The Internet literacy handbook

by ycc2106
flash doc intro to internet for beginners

Prezi - The zooming presentation editor

by gregg & 19 others
Create a map of your ideas, images, videos, then show overview, zoom to details, amaze, convince, take the day. And it is very simple to use.

Parleys: Home

by ycc2106
The allows registered users to test drive our Next Generation (Beta) eLearning platform. Parleys platform will allow you to setup your own space where you can publish your own (private/public) presentations.

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