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FIR - ABOUT:CONFIG - Overview of Firefox's about:config security and privacy preferences | gHacks Technology News

by decembre
- dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows Defines whether scripts can close windows in the browser. True: Scripts may close any window. False: Scripts may only close windows opened by scripts. (default) - dom.disable_image_src_set Determines whether JavaScript is allowed to manipulate images displayed in the browser. True: Scripts are allowed to change images. False: Scripts are not allowed (default) _ dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled Determines whether websites are allowed to access clipboard contents (check out: Block websites from reading or modifying Clipboard contents in Firefox for additional information). True: Websites may read or modify clipboard events. (default) False: Blocks access. - dom.event.contextmenu.enabled Determines whether websites are allowed to block access to the right-click context menu. True: Websites may manipulate the context menu. (default) False: Web pages won't be allowed to manipulate or block the context menu. - dom.popup_allowed_events Defines the JavaScript events that are allowed to create popup windows. change click dblclick mouseup reset submit touchend - Determines if location aware browsing is enabled. True: Location Aware browsing is enabled. (default) False: The feature is disabled which means that you won't get prompts on websites using it. - geo.wifi.uri The data provider used to power Firefox's geolocation feature. (Check out how to switch to a Mozilla operated service) - network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy Defines when to set the referrer (the page a visit originated from). 0: Never send it. 1: only send if the base domain matches. 2: only send if hosts match. - plugin.state.flash The default state of the Flash plugin. See How to make sure Firefox plugins never activate again for more information. 0: turns off the Flash plugin in Firefox. 1: sets the Flash plugin to ask to activate. 2: enables the Flash plugin.

FIREFOX 50 > / WATERFOX - Firebug is not working with Firefox version 50.0 - Stack Overflow

by decembre (via)
You may be able to reenable Firebug by setting the preferences: - Go to the about:config (type in url bar) - Find xpinstall.signatures.required (set to false) - Find browser.tabs.remote.autostart (set all to false: browser.tabs.remote.autostart.1 and browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2) I'm using Firefox for development, and both Firebug and Firefox development tools, for different purposes (Firebug for DOM and CSS manipulation, which is superior, and Firefox Tools for Console and NET panel, which are cleaner).




by marco (via)
Open source System Prefs pane by Quicksilver author "Alcor" that gives you a GUI for tweaking secret preferences




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