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March 2007

Keyword Research Software - PPC - Google AdWords

by megatraffic & 1 other
Ad Word Analyzer is a great tool for affiliate marketers, search engine optimizers or anyone who advertises on Google or Overture.

August 2006

Internet Marketing Services

by beckyholmes & 1 other
Check out this great Internet Marketing services website that I've found! It offers the best possible solutions for Internet businesses, bringing in a ton of traffic and saving a huge amount of time! The services offered include: URL Submission Services, Article Submission, Content Spinning and Transcription Services.

June 2006

Keyword Addiction

by miklevin
Many people are addicted to keyword marketing through pay-per-click ad word campaigns. Here's a free natural alternative: writing for the long tail of search. It ties in with the polular notion promoted by Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Chris Anderson.

January 2006

$5.75 Billion Spent on Search Advertising in 2005

by jmaddock
A recent study by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has found that advertisers in Canada and the United States spent $5.75 billion on search engine marketing campaigns over the past year.

September 2005

Microsoft Launches MSN AdCenter in France

by jmaddock
Microsoft Corp has just launched MSN AdCenter, its much-anticipated paid search service, in France, after a six-month pilot program.

New Study finds that SEO is more Beneficial Than PPC

by jmaddock
A new search engine marketing study performed by JuniperResearch and iProspect suggests that most internet marketers see a higher ROI from organic search engine optimization than from pay-per-click advertising.

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