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May 2007 Get Found on Google Within 48 Hours! 877-994-3463

by cyberien
Here's what you get for less than $1 a day: * Instant credibility -- people "Google you" and you're there! * Permanent placement on GoogleTM, the world's largest search engine, within 48 hours! * Your online business card appears whenever anyone searches for you on Google. * Your ad includes your name, profession, your phone number, and a link to any website you want.

April 2007

EXPOSED: Google says "Quality Score not as Accurate"

by CyberTurtle
Is this another example of Google not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth - this time with a feature they released for Google Adwords?

March 2007

AdSense Arbitrage Secrets Revealed !

by Vahid & 1 other
In the last two months, I discussed with several Internet marketers in tens of forums to know if it is possible to make any money through AdSense Arbitrage or not. I learnt a lot of things and find out that it works only if you know all the secrets. I have revealed all these secrets in this article.

Keyword Research Software - PPC - Google AdWords

by megatraffic & 1 other
Ad Word Analyzer is a great tool for affiliate marketers, search engine optimizers or anyone who advertises on Google or Overture.

February 2007

Easy PPC, Pay Per Click Advertising For Targeted Traffic On Google & Yahoo - ineedhits

by cyberien
Play in the big league and get more traffic with pay-per-click advertising on Google and Yahoo!

October 2006

Sitemap 1

by marshella
10 Great Things NOT to Do with Google AdSense

June 2006

May 2006

YouTube - adwords abuse

by mylos
Google AdWords Abuse Video. Adsense Arbitrage.

December 2005

Interview with Andrew Goodman of Traffick and Page Zero Media

by toprank
Andrew Goodman is known as the guy who "wrote the book" on Google AdWords or at least that’s one of the ways I like to think of him. He’s authored/edited since long before blogs became popular and also has a successful SEM agency, Page Zero Media. In this interview, Andrew explains how he tossed in the towel on his PhD to become, gasp, an internet marketer!

September 2005

Google FadSense - A New AdSense Beta Program?

by Recommended_links & 3 others (via)
Google has done it... By the seat of their pants! FadSense Fashions? It's Not a Fad, It's FadSense. Wearable Computers are the wave of the future. With Google's FadSense™ they seem to have enabled 'Brand Advertisement' and 'Point of Sale' functions on the go.

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