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May 2007


by cyberien & 5 others (via)
SlideAware is a presentation management platform designed to help you & your team to manage the entire lifecycle of PowerPoint ™ presentations

April 2007

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

by pyxosledisciple & 26 others
slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Free Geography PowerPoints

by knann (via)
Topics: What is geography?,What is Geography? (5th grade),Five Themes of Geography,Themes of Geography,Five Themes of Geography - Iceland,Themes of Geography,Continents and Oceans,Maps,Maps, Map Making,Maps (zip), Lines, Maps, and Globes,Understanding Types of Maps,Basic Geography Skills (Game),The Earth's BIG Features,What are landforms?,Landforms - What Goes Up Must Come Down,Landforms (beautiful pictures of various landforms), Landforms, continents (ppt, jeopardy),Physical Features (lesson) & Game,Geography (2nd grade),Geography Terms (6th grade),Communities Are In Different Places,What is a Community? (3rd grade),Communities (2nd grade), Communities - Now and Then, Here and There, Geographies of Religion,PowerPoint Presentation Outline: Climate,Economic Geography,Cultural Geography, Architecture,Statues & Monuments,World Geography Questions,Regional Geography,Population,Physical Geography,Maps & Geographic Skills,Farming Techniques, Sub Saharan ,Sub-Saharan Africa,Australia,Geography of Australia (7th grade),Asia,East & South Asia,Russia & Central Asia ,Russia/Geography,Russia,North Africa (Rockingham),North Africa (Volstate),Europe (Rockingham), Europe (Volstate),The Geography of the United States, US States and Regions ppts,North America,South America, Latin America,Latin American Pictures,Latin America 3, Themes in World Geography (many ppts),World Regional Geography PowerPoints (lots)

March 2007

Créer, publier et analyser vos présentations

by ipolugic & 5 others
SlideAware est une solution de création de présentation en collaboration. Vous pourrez aussi stocker et partager vos diaporamas. Dernier point important, c'est que vous avez en retour des statistiques de consultation pour avoir un aperçu de qui à vu et combien de temps.

PowerPoint : Faire une présentation efficace

by pyxosledisciple (via)
Du bleu ou du rouge ? Comic ou Times ? Combien de slides ? Les conseils pratiques pour bien utiliser PowerPoint.

ThinkFree Viewer |

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
makes it easy for bloggers to easily add ThinkFree or Microsoft Office documents to their blogs by simply attaching the document, spreadsheet, or a presentation to any post they write.

February 2007

Perspector - 3D Business Graphics for Powerpoint

by stevehards
Perspector is a 3D business graphics add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. It provides 3D business graphics capabilities, enabling the expression of content in hitherto hard to achieve forms


by cutecoffee & 1 other

January 2007

Humour du web - Ricaner .com

by Mario5 ou l'humour est au rendez-vous. Nous vous offrons les meilleures images d'humour, des lettres humoristiques, des affiches rigolotes, des videos droles, des diaporamas con en PowerPoint (pps, ppt) et des proverbes et citations pour rire. Cet endroit est fait pour ceux qui ont le sens de l'humour.

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