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WordPress › Query Posts « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
This plugin creates a widget that lets you display the posts the way you want

WordPress › Content Sort « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
This plugin adds a grid under “Posts” in the admin where you can use drag drop to sort posts published on the first page, which gives you more control over posts without having to write complicated custom loops.

WordPress › Custom Post Type UI « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
allows you to easily create custom post types and taxonomies. One of the coolest feature of this plugin is that it generates a code to create custom post types, so you can then paste it into your theme’s functions.php file. One of the quirks of this plugin is the inability to share taxonomies among all your post_types.

Wordpress PHP Execution Plugin -

by simon_bricolo
allows users to write php code inside of their posts and pages


WordPress › TDO Mini Forms « WordPress Plugins

by camel
This plugin allows you to add highly customisable forms to your website that allows non-registered users and/or subscribers (also configurable) to submit posts. The posts are kept in "draft" until an admin can publish them (also configurable).


dat » PTL plugin

by plasticdreams
»Outputs the most frequent terms of a post.«

Vishal Monpara's Blog - WordPress Yearly Repeater Plugin

by plasticdreams


power source* » WP plugin: 最近の投稿リストを表示 - Customizable Post Listings

by rikaizm

Aufzynden! » WP-Plugin :: Anzahl der Leser pro Post

by plasticdreams
[quote]lays the number of readers for each post and show visitors the most recent posts of other visitors. Displaying is fully customizable.[/quote]

How to Publish a Post in advance (Wordpress) September 2006

by ramnath
Really cool hack! It saved my time by a great extent!

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