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December 2006

BUBL LINK: Media studies

by jlesage
a UK portal's link to media links portals; some entries here will be new to US academics

November 2006 - sharing knowledge for culture - visual

by jlesage
the visual page from a large European web portal for arts professionals; another page is for media

Aesthetics and Visual Culture

by jlesage
extensive links page, from a philosophy disciplinary perspective; updated Aug. 06

Literary Theory. Literary Criticism

by jlesage
very large site, also contains links for art and film, among other things, lots of branching possiblities

October 2006

Film Resources

by jlesage
a teacher's well annotated links page for film studies, updated 2003

The RML Movie Page

by jlesage
links page for many aspects of cinema, internationally; not well organized

The Media and Communications Studies Site

by jlesage
gateway to media information, including narratology, listed under textual analysis

| The John Cassavetes Pages |

by jlesage
attractively designed web site hosted by scholar Ray Carney

September 2006

Film Bibliographies: Media Resources Center UCB

by jlesage
Good place to start research for both scholars and students, comprehensive resource collection for film studies at UC-Berkeley: Bibliographies here for many film/TV Topics,Themes, Genres, Directors; on National Cinemas; and on Individual Films/Videos; Ful

Film Studies Resources - Academic Info

by jlesage
useful site with lots of resources: bibliographies, "digital library" links, academic programs listed; full text artices; Online Film Collections, Archives, Themes: women, genre, theory; Film History, silent and sound eras, International--by region; Indiv

Resource Discovery Network

by jlesage
excellent UK academic search tool for all disciplines. I looked up "film theory,' "feminism" and "television" and got useful results of sites I had not visited before, and some I had.

August 2006

SubCine: Independent Latino Film and Video

by jlesage
distributors for latino independent artists, bios and summaries included, also email contact


by jlesage's list of avant-garde and experimental work, noting which are available on DVD

July 2006

Clusty the Clustering Engine

by jlesage & 56 others
This is a top-notch new kind of search engine (Web 2.0). My test case for searches is "film theory" as the search term, and such a search brought me many new resources I was previously unaware of.

cinematicfilm experimental film video art

by jlesage & 1 other
experimental database on the web of experimental film & video art


by jlesage
resources and information on Palestinian cinema

SAWNET: Cinema

by jlesage
database of Southeast Asian women filmmakers and their films

Film Directors

by jlesage
On "other directors" link is a wide range of articles on selected directors, arranged alphabetically by director's last name.

Film Literature Index >> Home

by jlesage
the major database for academic film criticism now online

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