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16 April 2007

12 April 2007

SLAX index page

by jdrsantos & 2 others
SLAX is fast and beautiful Linux operating system which fits on small (3.14") CD-ROM disc. It runs directly from the CD (or USB) without installing. The Live CD described here is based on the Slackware Linux distribution and uses Unification File System (

11 April 2007

08 April 2007

05 April 2007

04 April 2007

Inkless Printer Inside Your Mobile or Camera

by Stargaser
ZINK Imaging is up to finish off all mobiles and other gadgets owners. We hardly managed to get used to a digital camera in every mobile phone, when ZINK is getting another surprise – built-in color printer for mobiles

02 April 2007

29 March 2007

26 March 2007

Portable Python - your portable development environment

by jdrsantos
Portable Python is a Python® programming language preconfigured to run directly from a portable device, enabling you to have, at any time, portable programming environment. Just download and extract to your portable device and in 10 minutes you are ready

23 March 2007

Portable Air Mattress

by bl5189e0
Information on portable air mattress.

16 March 2007

14 March 2007

nokia 5300

by yevewi & 5 others
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic is a GSM tri-band hand portable phone supporting GSM

13 March 2007

tout le gratuit du net

by blasco
gratuit : freeware portable the best multilanguage utilites System Information for Windows

09 March 2007

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