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Who is Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson - Mistress of the Dark

by access2
Cassandra Peterson is better known as her alter ego "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," The hostess of KHJ-TVs Movie Macabre in the 1980s, which became the first nationally syndicated horror host show. The Queen of Halloween has been a pop culture icon ever since, branching out into feature films, calendars, books, music, and, of course, tassel dancing. (If you haven't seen Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, you really do need to get out more!) Her sarcastic wit and double-entendré humor are two more things that make it a comedy classic in it's own right.

Vintage Ninja

by everyueveryme
This is a stream-of-consciousness look at shinobi-inspired media from decades (and in a few cases centuries) past. Beside the black-clad commandos we know and love as ‘ninja’ you’ll also find extended family like masked vigilantes and hooded detectives, trouble-making wizards and mischievous magicians, short-skirted sword girls with shadow skills, and more.



by everyueveryme & 2 others
Technically, the viscous progeny of medium ectoplasm and the mind-controlling brain parasite toxoplasmosis, aborted from the belly of an octobee. But we just call it ectomo, a wonder closet of fringe art, culture and ephemera.


This Is Constantine Maroulis. He Wishes You Knew That. by Angela Ashman

by evilmonkeypaw
amusing article about American Idol contestant Constantine, and how great he thinks he is


by evilmonkeypaw
Covers Marx toys, especially the awesome Johnny West series of toys

Our Book of Scrap

by dsheckler
Sports, Humor, Pop Culture, Society, Sexy Girls, Stupidity, and More Sports!

Guest Contributors-The Page Where We Thank Commenters by Linking to Their Blogs- Blogging In College: The Gender & Pop Culture Blog Experiment

by jessiebg (via)
Links to the blogs and sites of those who have graciously volunteered time and thought to students in Gender & Pop Culture by posting comments on the students' blogs. Thank you!

A Professor Page- Blogging In College: The Gender & Pop Culture Blog Experiment

by jessiebg (via)
Jessie needs her own space to impart her wisdom (or use as an impromptu soapbox, rant, ramble, eh hem...); therefore, I used my super-professor powers to create my own blog (they're actually super-duper).

Scarlet Words

by scarletwords
Scarlet Words is the website of Elizabeth, an Australian singer, pianist and photographer.

Skeletal Systems of Cartoons

by evilmonkeypaw
very nicely drawn comparison of what a character looks like to what skeletal system beneath would look like


Atomic Pulp and Other Meltdowns

by everyueveryme
Shameless Self-Promotion and Obsessive Pop Culture Commentary by America's Least-Famous Comic Book and Pulp Writer (Christopher Mills).

Stairway to Heaven Backwards

by everyueveryme & 4 others
Click a song title to load. Listen to the music first and then click "Show Reverse Lyrics" for backwards message text.

[] Asian Pop Culture and Beyond

by oqdbpo & 5 others
From movie stars, musicians, and skateboarders to toys, technology, and history, Giant Robot magazine covers cool aspects of Asian and Asian-American pop culture. Paving the way for less knowledgeable media outlets, Giant Robot put the spotlight on Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li years before they were in mainstream America's vocabulary.

Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People

by everyueveryme
Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People is the world's most comprehensive fan site devoted to film composer Danny Elfman home

by everyueveryme
Garbage's official Web site and Fan Club. Contains tour info, photos, news and more.

Jean Michel Jarre

by everyueveryme & 1 other
Jean Michel Jarre official web site. Find all information regarding albums, DVD, concerts, events, biography, videos, pictures, contacts...

NIRVANA! - Rare, Exclusive Nirvana Band/Kurt Cobain Media - Nirvana

by everyueveryme
Complete Nirvana resource, including rare and exclusive pictures and sounds, full-length music videos, accurate Nirvana lyrics and tabs, high quality downloads, plus a tribute to Kurt Cobain

pulp online the official Pulp site

by everyueveryme & 1 other
Welcome to the one and only official Pulp website, brought to you by Team Pulp People, in conjunction with Pulp.

depeche mode dot com

by everyueveryme & 2 others
The official web page for the band Depeche Mode, with the latest news and information, as well as a complete archives section.

by everyueveryme & 3 others
Official U2 website

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