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Recherche confiance, désespérément ! | Meta-media | La révolution de l'information

by gregg
L’après Snowden : la surveillance de masse n’est plus de la science fiction, mais un problème social et politique à résoudre


11 Exceptional election front pages :: 10,000 Words :: where journalism and technology meet

by gregg
Newsrooms all over the country are beefing up for today’s U.S. midterm elections. How do you make your elections coverage stand out from the pack? By providing a diverse amount of content, in various forms of media, on a well-organized landing page. The following pages have several elements in common, including maps, polls, charts, text stories, and social media elements. They all present snippets of information and deeper coverage with inside links. Best of all, they aren’t a sea of text and their political coverage is showcased in a way that doesn’t feel crammed or overwhelming.


Arrêt sur images - De Villiers, le nouveau "copain" de Sarkozy (The Independent)

by srcmax (via)

Le quotidien britannique The Independent consacre une page au "copain de Sarkozy qui est anti-immigrés, anti-antieuropéen, et anti-gay" comme l'indique le titre.



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