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December 2009

Apartheid in South Africa : un album sur Flickr

by sbrothier
Apartheid became the official policy of the Government of South Africa in 1948, following the election of the Herenigde Nasionale Party, later renamed the National Party. Under this policy, racial discrimination was institutionalized. The lives of the Africans, who made up almost 75 per cent of the population, were controlled by the unjust segregation laws from birth to the grave. They were proscribed where to live, who to marry and the type of education they would receive in the country of their birth.

Timeline of Climate Change Science and Politics - Interactive Feature -

by sbrothier
From Joseph Fourier to James Hansen, NOAA to I.P.C.C., and Kyoto to Copenhagen, a look at the history of climate study and diplomacy in the modern age of global warming.

November 2009

October 2009

Know thy Congressman

by ycc2106
"KTC" is a bookmarklet that displays an abundance of political and biographical information about current members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

September 2009

Sur le Web, un désir de pourrir le nouveau site de Ségolène Royal | Rue89

by sbrothier & 1 other
@emilejosselin : « Les mots me manquent. » Pour @abrachet, Ségolène Royal et Raël « ont le même graphiste ». « Ségolène Royal is now in relationship with Tom Cruise », selon @marineturchi.

Ségolène Royal, les camarades et le compagnon

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
A la mi-juillet, il fait parvenir, via Désirs d'avenir, une facture de 41 860 euros, dont L'Express a eu connaissance, à Pierre Bergé. Le patron de la fondation Yves Saint Laurent est, depuis longtemps, le principal soutien financier de Ségolène Royal. On lui demande de bien vouloir régler "des prestations nouvelles sur le site de Désirs d'avenir". Trois chantiers sont prévus: la création d'une "télévision sur Internet diffusant deux heures par jour", la mise en place d'une "boutique de vente de produits" estampillés Désirs d'avenir et l'installation d'une "arborescence téléphonique surtaxée pour produire des ressources".

Fraudes au PS: Ségolène Royal veut des sanctions, mais ne sait pas encore contre qui sur

by sbrothier
le site serait l'oeuvre d'André Hadjez, le compagnon de Ségolène Royal, «très doué en multimédia», selon l'ancienne candidate à la présidentielle.

Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini

by access2
Since Squidoo insists that we "respect everyone," all I can say is that Il Duce had a lot in common with today's "hip-hop" Republicans. Obviously, that's a good thing!

Les fabricants de vaccins contre la grippe H1N1 viennent d’obtenir l’immunité juridique : Le Monde Dissident

by sbrothier, 1 comment
L’actuelle panique provoquée par campagne officielle sur les dangers supposés de la grippe porcine prend des allures de roman de science-fiction Orwellien. Le décret signé par Sebelius accorde l’immunité à ceux qui fabriquent le vaccin contre la grippe porcine conformément aux dispositions de la loi 2006 sur les urgences de santé publique.

August 2009

Pamela Pilger

by jimspice
Comparing Obama to Hitler yet again. Have they no shame.

June 2009

May 2009

March 2009

Bailouts & Bank Credit Crisis Could Cause British Great Depression

by cryogenius (via)
Niall Ferguson, respected economic historian, warns of other European countries facing an Iceland style bankruptcy. 'Switzerland is first in line… and Britain is not far behind,' he says. While many politicians in Europe like to shift the blame for the credit crisis to the U.S. Niall points out that excessive lending and leveraging was much more endemic in countries such as Germany and the U.K. Yet the U.K Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, like many European politicians continues to argue that the world is being brought down by a U.S. caused recession.

February 2009

「ホリエモン 吼える!」 堀江貴文氏単独インタビュー (10終):Net-IB|九州企業特報

by kuroyagi

January 2009

天下のバラマキ政策の真実 定額給付金で「得する人」「損する人」:株/FX・投資と経済がよくわかるMONEYzine

by kuroyagi

Political Memory - La Quadrature du Net

by rike_
Political Memory is a toolbox designed to help you reach members of European Parliament (MEPs), and track their voting records. We hope it will help citizens to get to better know their elected representatives, and to allow them to inform them on the issues covered by La Quadrature du Net.

December 2008