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Bailouts & Bank Credit Crisis Could Cause British Great Depression

by cryogenius (via)
Niall Ferguson, respected economic historian, warns of other European countries facing an Iceland style bankruptcy. 'Switzerland is first in line… and Britain is not far behind,' he says. While many politicians in Europe like to shift the blame for the credit crisis to the U.S. Niall points out that excessive lending and leveraging was much more endemic in countries such as Germany and the U.K. Yet the U.K Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, like many European politicians continues to argue that the world is being brought down by a U.S. caused recession.


Slave Britain

by lukeslytalker
The twenty first century trade in human lives


by Mal Burns (via)
Site of public and government television in the UK. This link loads with Liberal Democrat listings, but you can switch elsewhere easily enough.


Dozy Sycophant: Dave on Ms Armstrong

by mikepower
The question I want answered is: why can’t Blair sack some people — Peter Mandelson, Keith Vaz, Hilary Armstrong? They’re among the foulest turds ever to disgrace the Houses of Parliament, besides being utterly hopeless.

Andrew Bartlett: Johan Hari teeters on the ledge of deligitimation

by mikepower
IIn his efforts to smash George Galloway, Johan Hari writes; “he was rejected at the ballot box by 64 percent of the people"...Saint Oona was rejected by 66 percent.

2005 Is your MP working for you in the UK's Parliament?

by ramage & 1 other
non-partisan website which aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their MPs

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