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Not the biggest forum ever

by slotvent
The fastest growing general forum on the web! A forum about nothing! For when you just need somewhere to come, generally speaking of course!


No Police State Girls blog

by npsg
No Police State Girls blog is about everything No Police State and other random thoughts; peace, politics, music, art, fashion. lifestyles, the environment, saving the world and whatever else comes to mind.

IFIwatchnet: Eyes on Finance Megacorps

by Mal Burns (via)
Portal keeping a watch on the major internation money institutions and their frequent misadventures.



The fiscal fallout from Hurricane Katrina

by jasontromm
Our president is very generous with other people's money. Worse, he is generous with the money of people who are in no position to object, either because they are too young or because they haven't been born yet. in politics data

by Pandora & 6 others (via)
Who gets what? Who donates the most? All local and statewide information to see who funded the 2004 election


The political economy

by jasontromm
With loss of the economy as an issue, Kerry and the Democrats may have no choice but to ratchet up their attacks on Bush's Iraq policy.

Our misspent tax dollars

by jasontromm
What should be the issue is not how much of our money Congress will allow us to keep, but how much of our money we will allow Congress to spend.

Minimum gasoline prices

by jasontromm
Do you suppose that Maryland enacted its gasoline minimum-price law because irate customers complained to the state legislature that gasoline prices were too low?

Lou Dobbs

by jasontromm
Political and Financial Intelligence

Greenspan's gaffe

by jasontromm
Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan did the Democratic Party an enormous favor last week.

CAGW's 2004 Taxpayer Survey

by jasontromm
Tell the Republicrats they're wasting your money!

Bush by the numbers

by jasontromm
President Bush is taking a beating on the economy, partly because he has failed to realize the power of numbers.

'Let them eat cake' economics distorts free market

by jasontromm
The Democrats have been pounding on the Bush administration for months about its alleged "insensitivity" to the outsourcing of jobs.

The real issue on tax cuts

by jasontromm
How much of a dollar does the average Amercian deserve to keep?

The reality of outsourcing

by jasontromm
Even if the federal government tried to stop outsourcing, it cannot.

Goodies cost

by jasontromm
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL)

ACU Ratings

by jasontromm
Is your representative a Conservative?

Waste Blog

by jasontromm
from Citizens Against Government Waste

Sweat the small stuff

by jasontromm
Looking for signs of fiscal seriousness

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