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Obama defends 'liberal' label - First Read -

by soul1383
From NBC/NJ’s Aswini Anburajan AUSTIN, Texas -- In the shadow of the state capitol that provided the United States with one of the most conservative presidents in recent history, Obama last night railed against the charge that being "liberal" was a bad

Google Maps

by springnet
googles come up with the killer election map and it's full 'o tweeters

John Mccaint

by springnet
Look out Chuck Norris, Sylvester’s comin’ after you. He’s comin’ after you and he’s going to get you. You better run! Chuck, you can run but you can’t hide!” - John McCain


2006 / bfd / diebold

by bfd
the latest blog posts for the keywords: diebold


None Dare Call It Stolen (

by bnation & 1 other
Bush stole the election, TWICE! Why doesn't anyone care?

worship the glitch: John Tester

by glitch p-udding
John Tester is running for the Senate in Montana. His chances of winning are pretty good. But they're far from a sure thing.

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