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November 2006

Radical Graphics

by jlesage
large collection organized by thematic and political categories; useful for office door poster, flyer, or demonstration

October 2006

translations of essays on activist art

by jlesage
On republicart, click on the words listed to the left under Discourse to see essays on topics such as: alternative economics, public sphere, precariousness, represenations, space of empire, art sabotage.

Internet Public Library:

by jlesage & 1 other
links listed in "subject areas" selected at left of screen

August 2006


by jlesage & 5 others
PC software that lets you surf anonymously. High school students can hide they are on MySpace at school; workers can browse the Internet for personal use; and folks in China can hide their tracks.

July 2006

ioda: Independent Online Distribution Alliance

by jasonbentley
IODA was started by an experienced group of digital music experts with a strong passion for and long history in independent music. We've seen first hand the power and potential of digital music, and are dedicated to ensuring that independents are well rep

Center for Social Media at American University

by jlesage
how to use the media for social action, especially documentaries

June 2006

The theory of the long tail

by rsegoly
Interesting article which explains the concept of the long tail. For me as for others, its obvious and relates to every daylife, actually even us here at clipmarks are part of this reality. I read stuff and comment on what others say, but these peop

Policy Blog | Public Knowledge

by jlesage
important site both for politics and for information sharing

May 2006

Lawrence Lessig

by jlesage & 9 others
major legal voice around digital rights

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