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t r u t h o u t | Citing Privilege Bush Again Snubs Waxman

by soul1383
The Bush administration yesterday invoked executive privilege and refused to turn over key documents sought by a House investigative committee, escalating a fight over the White House role in U.S. policy on greenhouse-gas emissions and ozone air quality s


Ingenious Iranian PR and Diplomacy - Releasing British Sailors as "Easter Gift"

by trnscndr
In one fell-swoop today Iran and their seemingly Napoleonic leader, Ahmadinejad, made everyone in the world further consider the possibility that Bush and Co. are all smoke when it comes to their portrayal of Iran as "warmongering" or set on anything other than than defending itself against proven aggressors. They announced plans to release British POW's as an "Easter" gift. What a coup for these witty Persians. With smiling faces on their captives they presented themselves as fair and appropriately deliberative, if not gracious.

Bush is Committed - Politics & Government Jokes - JibJab

by Gizmoz & 1 other (via)
Joke Originally Submitted by: aasimpy. "I made this over at - took a few minutes, and then I added in the flash bulbs and other audio fx on my own. The joke was from Letterman."

The Complete Bushisms

by Mal Burns (via)
By Jacob Weisberg at Slate Magazine, this is a daily feature. The link above leads to the newly published complete collection, by turns hilarious and tragic.


Can Bush Cancel Elections?

by MarkJames
Bush, may have the power to cancel election in a time of “war” or terrorist attack.“

Olbermann Asks Bush for Apology

by jitenagrawal
Keith Olbermann does another great segment attacking the Rose Garden press conference held by Bush. / bfd / impeach-bush

by bfd
the latest blog posts for the keywords: impeach bush

Politipop /

by ccr7
submit and vote on political news stories, similar to

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