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30 November 2006

Miradas--in Spanish

by jlesage
extensive critical discussion of Latin American film and TV; Cuban site

26 November 2006

media teacher's home page, lots of resouces, links pages

by jlesage
"news and journalism, film, TV, media policy, media reform activism, philosophy and social theory, urban history, contemporary American politics--\perspective informed by media history, political economy and social and cultural theory."

MIT communications forum archive

by jlesage
the various programs are on many topics of media and mass communications; available in audio, video, or print format; good overview of contemporary media issues by academics and practitioners

20 November 2006

Joel Kovel

by jlesage
many of this important writer's essays online, a psychoanalyst who has long been a political commentator

11 November 2006

Howie's Home Page

by jlesage
homepage and access to many of Howard Becker's essays online; major figure in sociology of art

06 November 2006

Invincible Cities

by jlesage
photographic exploration of two poor cities, a combination of Walter Benjamin's interest in traces and overlays with systematic, extensive visual ethnography

03 November 2006

"Flaubert's Point of View" by Pierre Bourdieu

by jlesage
complete text of long essay; Flaubert was a touchstone for Bourdieu in establishing the concept of the field of cultural production

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