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10 November 2006 14:30

What are PodGuides?

by knann
PodGuide is a very simple thing. It's the combination of a map (PDF or JPG) of a certain place with numbered dots on it and a series of audio tracks (mp3) which you can download for your iPod. Each numbered dot corresponds with the track number you should play to hear the audio comment about that specific place on the map. If your mp3 player supports the viewing of artwork from the ID-3 tags in mp3 files, then you'll also be able to see a picture of what you should be looking at whilst playing a track. Think of an audio tour in a museum, but not limited to just that.

08 November 2006 12:30


by knann & 2 others (via)
Audio and video podcasting service. Create audio over the phone. Record video online. Post to blog automatically.

08 November 2006 12:15

Gcast. Make your voice heard.

by knann & 4 others (via)
We'll store all your audio and automatically generate your podcast channel. We offer many ways to add to your podcast channel: Record messages by phone (never touch a computer!) Upload MP3 files from your computer Add "podsafe" songs from Mix all the above with our online playlist manager Whether you're podcasting a 30-sec phone message or a 30-min radio show, you can publish it with Gcast for FREE. We'll store your media and automatically generate the "RSS feed" that enables listeners to "tune in" to your podcast channel.

Record by phone with

by knann & 1 other is a podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content. Most people will use a touch-tone telephone to make their recordings but we also provide worldwide access to the service through VoIP. Once you have made a recording and have published it, a newsfeed is immediately and automatically updated to alert subscribers to your channel.

07 November 2006 10:15

Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters

by knann (via)
Very in-depth audio/video tutorials on how to use Audacity. Six different tutorials available. Follow the Recording setup at least to where the import Lame file is demonstrated. The lame .dll is available in groups in a folder called Audacity.

07 November 2006 10:00

Audacity 1.2 Tutorial

by knann
An easy to follow tutorial on how to use Audacity for editing an existing clip.

05 November 2006 14:15


by knann
This one incredible tool. Allows you to create interactive points in either a .mp3 or flash file. These points can contain more information, comments, links, even other media files.....Lots of implications for the classroom.

05 November 2006 13:45

21C Eduk8n

by knann
another teacher using podomatic for screencasts and more. Just starting out....

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