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22 July 2007 07:45

Playing mp3 with an embedded Flash player |

by garret
"These are all tools to play either individual MP3 files or playlists (e.g. podcast RSS feeds) in a web page. Most of them are based on Macromedia/Adobe Flash."

22 July 2007 01:30

Chart of Flash Based Podcast Players | Okay To Play

by garret
"There is no perfect one-size-fits-all player. Try to find (or create) a player that fits your show."

22 July 2007 00:45

Pluggd - Discover, Listen to, and Share Podcasts

by garret & 4 others
"Discover podcasts based on your interests and the interests of others. Experience and listen to them online, or download to your PC or mobile device. Share your opinions, thoughts, and insights on podcasts by rating them and passing them on to friends, family, and colleagues."

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