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The Hot Sheet Mon Show

by preyinglizard
Welcome to the Hot Sheet Mon show! This is the Hard Rock Podcast brought to you by Preying Lizard Music and hosted by Les Lewellyn. It's the number one Hard Rock Indie Podcast online and the reason will be obvious to you once you listen. The show is hosted by Les Lewellyn and like all of the shows the songs are handpicked from hundreds of submissions. The show is a mix of hard rock, metal, alternative, punk, grunge and Classic Rock to name a few genres. Great bands and solo artists are featured each week and the playlists are fresh and exciting. As you become more familiar with the show you'll find that like old FM and Pirate Radio shows from the sixties and early seventies create the mold for the show. Album cuts instead of hit singles grace the podcast's being. If you dig hard rock you'll want to subscribe to this show and it's as easy as clicking on the Blast Player below and after it launches you can subscribe. I hope you enjoy the bands and artists and just click on their names on the playlist below to visit their sites. If you do take time to email them let them know you heard them on Preying Lizard's Hot Sheet Mon Show! I'd totally appreciate it.

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Not Your Usual Bollocks - Latest Updates

by rickdog & 1 other
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