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AmphiSoft: plug-in filters for Photoshop

by fotopol
AmphiSoft pack of freeware and shareware plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop. including freeware like IrfanView and XnView) gives you an unsurpassed power for both finest image correction and stunning special effects:


Free Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop plugins & Photoshop filters - Plugins and filters listed by their names

by fotopol
You will find here all plugins sets I know of (more than 300!), listed by their Names (there is a classification by Categories here). The * means that is freeware.


Big list of FREE Music Making Software - Part 3

by svartling & 1 other
Here is part 3 of the big list of Free Music Making Software. Free Synths, Effects, Filters and other Instruments & Plugins you need in your music production. With Part 1 and Part 2 together with this part - you have a Mega List of 100 Free Music Making Software!

Part two of the BIG list with FREE Music Making Software!

by svartling
This is part two of the popular list with FREE Music Making Programs. You can see part one here. This part is even bigger than the first! With all this software, everyone on Pc, Mac or Linux can make music with practically no cost at all. Effects, Filters, Trackers, Synthesizers, Sequencers, Instruments, Drum machines and more!


Adium X(tras)

by Riduidel & 2 others
Plugins for Adium universal chat client

Jybe! - CoSurfing re-invented

by Riduidel & 5 others
Jybe is a spy ware free plug-in to Internet Explorer and Firefox that enables you to surf the web with your peers in real-time.


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