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1989 » Happy Pals

by bit2bit
A plugin for WordPress to help denote relationships within links. If you link to anyone, or anything, from within your posts - you may want to denote the relationship you have with that link. Most people would do this by using XFN attributes such as th...



by astorg
posted elsewhere comments - to keep track of them

WordPress Plugins Database

by astorg & 12 others
Pour trouver des plugins pour Wordpress

IM Online | mutube

by astorg & 1 other
MS online indicator plugin

guff » Blog Copyright

by astorg
Copyright insert plugin

John Noone » Blog Archive » L’Avatar

by astorg
French programmer who developed a flexible pavatar/gravatar/favatar combination package

Parent Pages -

by astorg
Exceptionally talented Italian programmer

Belfäläs » Wordpress

by astorg
Traducteur du plugin "Now Reading" en français

Morganically Grown » Multilingual Plugin for WordPress

by astorg
Projet intéressant.... mais qui a l`air d`être au point mort...

iTunesSpy » Overview

by astorg & 1 other
Interesting iTunes music plugin for Wordpress

Wireless » WordPress .::::::. le blog de SkyMinds

by astorg
Site d`un utilisateur de Wordpress ayant créé un plugin pour franciser la date (enfin).