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HOW TO: WordPress Featured Articles -

by bit2bit
Want to drive some traffic to your great articles that have already aged off your homepage? No worries, now you can feature articles with The Feature WordPress plugin from No One’s Listening. This plugin lets you specify articles you wish to feature ... » Happy Pals

by bit2bit
A plugin for WordPress to help denote relationships within links. If you link to anyone, or anything, from within your posts - you may want to denote the relationship you have with that link. Most people would do this by using XFN attributes such as th...


John Noone » Blog Archive » L’Avatar

by astorg
French programmer who developed a flexible pavatar/gravatar/favatar combination package

Parent Pages -

by astorg
Exceptionally talented Italian programmer

Belfäläs » Wordpress

by astorg
Traducteur du plugin "Now Reading" en français

Morganically Grown » Multilingual Plugin for WordPress

by astorg
Projet intéressant.... mais qui a l`air d`être au point mort...

iTunesSpy » Overview

by astorg & 1 other
Interesting iTunes music plugin for Wordpress

Wireless » WordPress .::::::. le blog de SkyMinds

by astorg
Site d`un utilisateur de Wordpress ayant créé un plugin pour franciser la date (enfin).

Polyglot | skriker

by astorg & 1 other
Plugin permettant de poster en deux langues : un peu compliqué.

Crazy Little World Of Mine

by astorg
African blogger with a brilliant site...

Priyadi’s Place » Blog Archive » WordPress IP to Country Plugin

by astorg
Plugin pour afficher le pays d`origine de l`auteur d`un commentaire. » intouch

by astorg & 2 others
Inserts an Ajax contact form into WordPress

Priyadi’s Place » Blog Archive » WordPress Browser Detection Plugin

by astorg & 4 others
Plugin pour afficher le système d`exploitation de l`auteur d`un commentaire...

Web2Messenger [BETA]

by astorg & 5 others
site pour envoyer des messages MSN sans être connecté

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