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15 March 2005

Flickr Gallery for Wordpress

by sunny & 2 others
Plugin to make a flickr gallery page for Wordpress

14 March 2005

09 March 2005

Expose for Windows

by sbrothier (via)
I think the point I was trying to bring accross was their inconsistent implementation in trying to work around a problem that really should be solved by another means (see Expose as a damn good breakthrough).


by sbrothier
The Ultimate Window-Switcher

DoFollow (WP Plugin) - Kimmo Suominen

by sunny & 1 other
The no-"no-follow" plugin for WordPress

08 March 2005

07 March 2005

02 March 2005

Similink :extension Firefox

by bagou & 4 others
Similink is a Firefox extension, which constantly proposes you thematic links.

scriptygoddess > DecodeIt

by sunny
Javascript to switch <> to <&gt. Multiplatform.

27 February 2005

23 February 2005

21 February 2005

20 February 2005 - pagerankstatus

by sunny & 3 others
Firefox Plugin for Google Pagerank

17 February 2005

16 February 2005

Stopdesign | New Photo Galleries

by sbrothier & 2 others
"Put them online of course. Problem is, I’ve never been satisfied with the photo gallery services currently available, especially for mass quantities of photos. So I looked into alternatives."