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bmPress - social bookmarking for the Wordpress platform

by sbrothier & 8 others, 5 comments
bmPress add social bookmarking capabilities to the Wordpress publishing platform With bmPress you can: * reclaim your bookmarks and publish your bookmarking activity on your personal blog * create a small social bookmarking community for your company, your groups, your friends The first release of bmPress (0.1) is available right now and is waiting for your feedback.


Blueorganizer for Product Bookmarking in Firefox

by sbrothier
Adaptiveblue has recently launched the public beta of Blueorganizer, a Firefox extension designed to help you organize and bookmark content on the web. I’ve been testing Blueorganizer ever since it’s initial private beta release and it’s a pretty solid tool with functionality that lets you bookmark more then just websites. You can look at it as a product smart bookmarking tool where if you are bookmarking a book from Barnes and Noble or a CD from, Blueorganizer will know and format the bookmark specific to that product.

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