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musiXmatch - The World's Largest Lyrics Catalog

by sbrothier
Think about more than 7 million song lyrics in 32 languages. The lyrics to your favorite songs are just a tap away, always with you.


SkipScreen - a Megaupload, Mediafire, and Rapidshare Plugin for Firefox. Like a free premium account!

by Spone
A free Firefox add-on that skips all the clicking and waiting on sites like RapidShare, Megaupload, Mediafire, zShare, and more! Never download music without it.


AllPeers : Share exactly what you want with exactly who you want!

by cyberien
Allpeers will be the next email for all those grandmothers and moms who share pictures with friends and family."

1 Bit Audio Player : A JavaScript-inserted Flash MP3 player for WordPress blogs and other websites

by springnet & 4 others
1 Bit Audio Player is a very simple and lightweight Adobe Flash MP3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. It's main purpose is to act as a quick in-page preview for audio files

Clutter by Sprote Rsrch.

by sbrothier & 5 others (via)
Clutter is a small Mac OS X application that lets you put music CDs on your desktop. You can drag them anywhere -- they're really windows. Line them up neatly or put them in piles, it's your choice. Each one looks like the real CD's cover, and double-clicking it tells iTunes -- or your SqueezeBox or SoundBridge -- to play that CD.

Blue Coconut:: Share your itunes music library

by sbrothier & 3 others
Ever found that your iTunes music library wasn't quite as shared as you wanted? Annoyed that you can't copy a song from your server to your laptop quickly and easily, from within everyone's favourite music jukebox application? Want to make a playlist with shared tracks? Blue Coconut is for you. Simply click one button while you're listening to a favourite shared track and it's copied to your machine, and added to the iTunes Music Library (and a playlist, so you can keep track of your downloads).

Ajouter des paroles à vos chansons [iTunes]

by sbrothier & 1 other
La musique c'est bien, mais si en plus vous voulez apprendre les paroles de vos chansons préférées, c'est possible directement dans iTunes grace à la fonction "Obtenir des informations".

wordTube |

by simon_bricolo
Player multimedia à insérer dans un site wordpress



by sbrothier
MPC plugin pour winamp

Flash MP3 Player

by tangthon & 16 others
This Flash MP3 Player supports streaming playback, RSS/XSPF playlists, various playmodes, artworks, color/size customization and a javascript API. Both the configuration options and support for database-driven webservices have been greatly improved in thi

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