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WordPress › WP Multi Network « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
This plugin is able to turn your multi-site installation of WordPress into many multi-site networks, all surrounding one central user base


Komodomedia » Blog Archive » jQuery Feed Menus

by damdec & 1 other
When feeds became popular, it worked to have one icon on your site to point your readers to your RSS or Atom feeds. As feeds are more prevalent in blogs and websites abroad, the presence of multiple feeds abound. I have a feed for my blog, the nerdlab, my bookmarks, my friend feed as well as my twitter updates. That’s a butt-ton of feeds.

jquery-asmselect - Google Code

by damdec & 5 others
A progressive enhancement to select multiple form elements. It provides a simpler alternative with the following advantages...

Wheel 2.0: Jason Huck’s Devblog | jQuery Combo Select Redux

by nhoizey
I have automated the process of transforming a normal multiselect input element into a comboselect with the (aptly named) comboselect plugin.

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