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Obsidian Menu Bar

by sbrothier
A hack that makes your OS X menu bar black. And yes, it blends.



quotefixformac - Project Hosting on Google Code

by nhoizey
"QuoteFix is a plug-in for which fixes some issues with replying to e-mail. Most important, it positions the cursor below the original message, instead of above it"

PicLens | Immersive Slideshows Across the Web

by nhoizey
PicLens est enfin disponible pour Firefox sur Mac, et en plus avec la nouvelle navigation 3D, youhouuu !!!

QLPlugins - Quick Look Plugins

by keusta & 2 others
By selecting a file in the Finder and pressing the space-bar, a preview of the file pops up. QuickLook Plugins, or QuickLook Generators, are files ending in .qlgenerator and are used to generate these previews.

Xiph.Org: QuickTime Components

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A "plugin" solution for Mac and Windows users who want to use Xiph formats in any QuickTime-based application. It allows, for instance, to play Ogg Vorbis in iTunes or pto roduce Ogg Theora with iMovie. And it will add support for open video in the "video" tag implementation in Opera

QLPlugins - Quick Look Plugins

by Emaux is a repository for Quick Look Plugins, which are available only for Mac OS X 10.5. In addition, I seek to provide information for developers seeking to create QuickLook Plugins and to power users looking to use QuickLook more effectively. If you have developed a QuickLook Plugin and would like for it to appear on this website or are aware of any QuickLook Plugins I have missed, send an e-mail


Glims beta 11 for Safari |

by nhoizey & 2 others
Glims adds a cocktail of features to Safari (Tabs, Thumbnails, Full Screen, Search Engines, Search Suggestions, Forms autocomplete on, Dated download folders, Type Ahead ...)

Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Jeffrey's "Export to Flickr" Lightroom Plugin

by nhoizey
This Export-to-Flickr plugin has been completely rewritten for Lightroom 2.0 and later, and is not compatible with Lightroom 1.

Ciarán Walsh’s Blog » Blurminal

by nhoizey
Someone wanted a mod for Leopard’s which would make the image showing through behind terminal windows blurred

Free Flickr eXporter iPhoto Plugin (FFXporter)

by sbrothier
A free iPhoto export plugin for Flickr. This provides a convenient way to upload your iPhoto descriptions, titles, keywords (tags), and ratings along with your photos. It also supports sets (yay!) and preserves GPS tags and other EXIF data. Flickr is a semi-free photo sharing service/site.

PicLens | Immersive Slideshows Across the Web

by nhoizey & 6 others
PicLens est enfin disponible pour Firefox sur Mac, et en plus avec la nouvelle navigation 3D, youhouuu !!!

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