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jquery.matchHeight.js - a more robust equal heights plugin for jquery

by Spone
matchHeight makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal. It handles many common edge cases that cause similar plugins to fail.


Setting Equal Heights with jQuery | Filament Group, Inc.

by camel & 5 others (via)
We wrote a script to "equalize" the heights of boxes within the same container and create a tidy grid — with little overhead. Creating the visual effect of equal-height columns or content boxes has been a challenge ever since we abandoned table-based layouts. When developing complex web applications or site designs we've found that it often makes the most sense from a usability and performance standpoint to use a simple JavaScript workaround: our equalHeights() function determines the heights of all sibling elements in a container, and then sets each element's minimum height to that of the tallest element. When JavaScript is disabled, the boxes or columns appear with varying heights, but the content remains legible and the page is still completely usable.

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