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Scroll Depth - A Google Analytics plugin for measuring page scrolling

by sbrothier & 3 others
Scroll Depth is a small Google Analytics plugin that allows you to measure how far down the page your users are scrolling. It monitors the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points, sending a Google Analytics Event at each one.


jQuery Address Picker - Vos adresses auto complétées via Google Maps - La Ferme du web

by eledo34 (via)
jQuery address picker est un plugin jQuery UI permettant de créer facilement un widget de sélection d'adresse postale, directement lié à l'API Google Maps.


El club de la Noticia Plugin Worpress

by walo
This plugin adds an icon to share news and social networking icons at the end of a post so that readers can share arts. compatible with small and large icons.

WordPress › el-club-de-la-noticia « WordPress Plugins

by walo
Adds an icon to share [El club de la Noticia]( news and social networking icons at the end of a post for readers to share. This plugin adds an icon to share news and social networking icons at the end of a post so that readers can share arts. compatible with small and large icons.

Graph Your Inbox

by simon_bricolo
a Google Chrome extension that allows you to graph Gmail activity over time

wordpress-geo-mashup - Project Hosting on Google Code

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
This plugin lets you save location information with posts, pages, and other WordPress objects. These objects can then be presented on interactive Google maps in many ways.

gMap - Google Maps Plugin For jQuery | Examples

by eledo34
Qui ne connais pas Google Maps ? On cherche un lieu, un restaurant, un itinéraire, on tombe forcément à un moment donné sur une carte issue de l’API Google Maps. Vous l’utilisez peut être déjà sur certains de vos sites. Il existe cependant des plugins jQuery facilitant cette gestion, comme par exemple gMap. Cela va vous permettre d’automatiser plus facilement l’API et d’utiliser votre framework javascript préféré par la même occasion. gmap

Google Chrome Extensions: Firebug Lite

by Xavier Lacot & 2 others
Firebug Lite easily integrated into Chrome. Even if I am not a fan of Chrome, because of the omnipotence of Google, I find this tool very useful as a debug facility.


Creating Offline Web Applicat...

by oseres
Creating Offline Web Applications With Dojo Offline by Brad Neuberg (SitePen), September 23rd, 2007 This tutorial steps you through creating offline web applications using Dojo Offline. What is Dojo Offline? Dojo Offline is an open-source toolkit that makes it easy to create sophisticated, offline web applications. It sits on top of Google Gears, a plugin from Google that helps extend web browsers with new functionality. Dojo Offline makes working with Google Gears easier; extends it with important functionality; creates a higher-level API than Google Gears provides; and exposes developer productivity features. In particular, Dojo Offline provides the following functionality: An offline widget that you can easily embed in your web page with just a few lines of code, automatically providing the user with network feedback, sync messages, offline instructions, and more A sync framework to help you store actions done while offline and sync them with a server once back on the network Automatic network and application-availability detection to determine when your application is on- or off-line so that you can take appropriate action A slurp() method that automatically scans the page and figures out all the resources that you need offline, including images, stylesheets, scripts, etc.; this is much easier than having to manually maintain which resources should be available offline, especially during development. Dojo Storage, an easy to use hashtable abstraction for storing offline data for when you don't need the heaviness of Google Gear's SQL abstraction; under the covers Dojo Storage saves its data into Google Gears Dojo SQL, an easy to use SQL layer that executes SQL statements and returns them as ordinary JavaScript objects New ENCRYPT() and DECRYPT() SQL keywords that you can mix in when using Dojo SQL, to get transparent cryptography for columns of data. Cryptography is done on a Google Worker Pool thread, so that the browser UI is responsive. Integration with the rest of Dojo, such as the Dojo Event system

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