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Plug-In: Liquid Rescale

by rike_
Content-aware rescaling . Keeps the features of the image while rescaling along a single direction - check the video. Tested on Gimp 2.2. It installs under the Layer menu now.

Colorization Using Optimization

by -Nicolas- & 7 others (via)
Colorization is a computer-assisted process of adding color to a monochrome image or movie. The process typically involves segmenting images into regions and tracking these regions across image sequences. Neither of these tasks can be performed reliably in practice; consequently, colorization requires considerable user intervention and remains a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive task.

GIMP Python Documentation

by jdrsantos
GIMP-Python is a scripting extension for GIMP, similar to Script-Fu. The main difference is in what is called first. In Script-Fu, the script-fu plug-in executes the script, while in GIMP-Python the script is in control.


Manu Cornet's website

by -Nicolas-
Imagine that you have an image with a small sample of a texture, like a few strawberries (out of a plate full of them), a few square inches of grass (from a large grassy field), or a few dozens of your cat's hairs (your cat really has more than that). If you want to generate a larger texture with this small image, you could just copy-paste it, and put the copies (or "patches") one next to another, but that wouldn't produce a very good result, since the right (or top) part of the image usually doesn't correspond to its left (or bottom) part, when two copies of the image are assembled.

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