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WordPress › OptionTree « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
a plugin that makes it easy to set up theme options in WordPress. You can easily add uploaders, colorpickers, radio boxes, text inputs, textareas, etc to a panel- and even more advanced stuff like post, tag and page selectors.

WordPress › Admin Menu Tree Page View « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
Get a tree view of all your pages directly in the admin menu

myEASYhider |

by simon_bricolo
Easily hide parts of your administration page.


Audit Trail Plugin - Keep track of changes to your WordPress site |

by simon_bricolo
plugin to keep track of what is going on inside your blog. It does this by recording certain actions (such as who logged in and when) and storing this information in the form of a log. Not only that but it records the full contents of posts (and pages) and allows you to restore a post to a previous version at any time.

WordPress › Notifications to all Administrators « WordPress Plugins

by piouPiouM
Enable moderation requests and notifications by email to all administrators.


Admin Drop Down Menus | Stuff at Yellow Swordfish

by tokitama
管理画面のメニューをドロップダウンに変える wordpress2.5対応

e.b.i.f ‽ WP Plugin: WP Admin Compact (2.5 )

by tokitama
管理パネル用のテーマ オリジナルの管理パネルのスタイル、レイアウトはほぼそのままで、フォントサイズを小さく

WordPress › TDO Mini Forms « WordPress Plugins

by camel
This plugin allows you to add highly customisable forms to your website that allows non-registered users and/or subscribers (also configurable) to submit posts. The posts are kept in "draft" until an admin can publish them (also configurable).


WP-ServerInfo 1.00

by plasticdreams
show server info on ur dashboard DOES WORK WP 2.1, on WP2.0x use


Custom Admin Menu for Wordpress |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
gives you full control of your Wordpress administration section, without requiring any changes to any files

User Permissions Plugin |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
allows you to assign permissions to specific posts that allow or deny certain users and roles.

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