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May 2005

Proboscis | SoMa | projects | urban tapestries

by ramage & 2 others
research project exploring social and cultural uses of the convergence of place and mobile technologies

April 2005

Guardian Unlimited Books | Robert Macfarlane on Annie Dillard

by ramage
Dillard speaks unashamedly of the spirit, and how it is accommodated by, extended by, animated in, landscape.

Web Introduction to Botanical Index to Thoreau's Journal

by ramage
Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself?

Research on Place and Space

by ramage & 1 other
The purpose of this set of resources is to try to cross-pollinate the notion of place across disciplines.

Wrights & Sites

by ramage
we aim to explore and celebrate site ... through site-specific performance, mis-guided walks & published Mis-Guides, 'drifts', mythogeographic mapping and public presentations & articles.

The Analysis of Infinitely Small Things

by ramage
a collaborative research project designed to examine and analyze the realm of the Infinitely Small. What things are so Infinitely Small that we do not notice them around us?


by ramage
Resistance to tourism, the recruitment of many gazes, serial tasks, pilferings from pilgrimage, mythogeography, the philosophy of road safety and the low-level paranoia of genre movies...

walking as knowing as making: walking exchange

by ramage
" intended... to engage contemporary artists and groups who employ a critical tool to investigate and destabilize ... notions of place and landscape"

Joseph Amato: On Foot - A History of Walking. NYU Press, 2004

by ramage
large-scale and small-scale stories of what was man's first mode of travel—walking.

January 2005

Thingster Overview

by ramage
Thingster lets you share information about your favorite places and experiences.

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