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La pizza "Hitler" ne passe pas

by kooolman
Moi je propose la pizza Auschwitz, cuites au four bien sûr :)

Humdrum Idol YouTube Competition - sponsors of American Idol on ITV

by digeratiuk (via)
Submit a YouTube video of yourself doing something talented and win $1 million and 2 weeks in LA. Or you could win free pizzas for a year just for voting for your favourite.


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Making Miniature Stuffed Pizzas in Springforms

by springnet
Stuffed pizzas are a Chicagoan delicacy consisting of layers of cheese and fillings above-- and below-- a thin pizza crust. One of the best ways to bake them is in a springform pan, so that the sides come out in perfect cylinders and come out easily. Take

Several Miami Pizza Restaurants

by juliesm
Several Miami pizza restaurants, their menus, locations, etc.

Slice NY

by foodgeek (via)
Le blog de la pizza, pour ceux qui sont tombés dans la sauce tomate et coriandre quand ils étaient petits.

Joey Clams Answers Your Questions

by behappy
A Great Blog! His latest is on the Immigration Issue - and he gives free Italian recipes with each one.. Read the blog there on Chicago Hot Dogs! He gives recipes for like three or four different Authentic Chi-town dogs!


Woman Sues Pizza Hut Over Burned Chin

by jasontromm (via)
A woman is suing the Pizza Hut in Lehighton, Pa., because the hot poppers she ordered as an appetizer were, well, hot and popped when she bit into them. Sorana Georgescu-Hassanin claims she may be permanently impaired because the ''excessively hot'' oil in the deep-fried, cheese-stuffed hot pepper severely burned her chin.

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